Privacy Policy: follows the International Laws of Privacy for internet and does not breach any rule. We make sure that we value the privacy of our customers at any cost. Being a professional organization, we highly value the customer’s and visitor’s privacy as it is very important to us. Below are the following policies that we have implemented to keep the optimum level of privacy:

Information that We Store

For the customer's convenience and to help them experience the best, we ask for the basic information but it is at their discretion to provide it or not. Below are some of the information about the visitors that is always stored without their consent;

·         The date on which the members, buyers, visitors or customers fill out the online registration form  and insert their personal details such as full name, address, telephone number, email id, postal code, user id, date of birth and password all of these details are stored in order to correspond with them for their order and its delivery or for the retrieval of the I'D's password.

·         If any visitor or customer provides any personal detail on the website for any future correspondence or transaction will be stored.

·         We  also store the details of site/page visits, web logs, traffics, locations and other relevant information.

Sharing of Info is a Violation of our Privacy Policy

The personal details of any of our customer, visitor, buyer or member is safe with us and the company does not share the information of any customer with anyone. We only share our customer’s personal information with the shipping company that will be delivering your items at your doorstep; it is being shared due for business purpose only. The personal details of customers can also be shared with any government institution that has the lawful and legal authority to obtain the personal details of any customer who is involved in any illegal or criminal activity.

What We Do Not Store:

The company does not store and keep your financial information. The financial information is dealt with the 3rd party merchandise provider because the data is very vital and is extremely sensitive and needs to be kept private. The details of debit card or credit card are not stored.