About Us

Salutations from the store that is known to provide leather jackets which is inclusive of all of the needs and the requirements irrespective of the demand that is put in. Leather Icon has come from a long way and has made a name for itself in a short span of time in the leather jackets world after consistently exceeding the expectations of the customers.

With the popularity of the leather jackets getting no bridle, many styles have popped up from different parts of the world with each one carrying its own significance and since we aim to be at the top of the game; we are on the front and leading the race to be providing the leather jackets that come from each of those styles.

Having established in the year 2010, Leather Icon has received orders from almost every part of the world. Please note that we do not have any physical store in any part of the world because we believe in making dreams a reality and much of it is associated with money. By having an online store, we save on a lot of money which enables us to produce goods in the lowest cost.

Leather Icon prides itself in having one of the most clear and honest transaction methods. We deliver what we promise and leave no stones unturned in getting the customer's satisfaction. You are always more than welcome to go through our website to gauge about the transparency that is depicted in every page of ours. 

We define ourselves by our work and our work is depicted by the assortment of the leather jackets that can be seen on the back pages. Jackets donned by the popular media modes along with many that comes from our designers speak much about our credibility and honesty.

If there's anything that you would like to know about us, you know that our doors are always open. Just shoot us a mail at [email protected] and we would gladly reply you within short span.