Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The following are the terms and conditions and important policies of leather-icon.com

Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer:

All the content available on the website is the intellectual property of leather-icon.com including pictures, logos and designed and is copyrighted and the visitors are not allowed to make any change, sell, publish or use anywhere without the website’s permission.

Website Content:

The company reserves the right to make any amendment in the content available at the website or post any new content including designs, pictures, videos or logos without any prior notice.

Terms of Sale:

Whenever there is an order, we follow the procedure:

·         Customer’s personal information is required

·         Financial details are checked

·         Availability of item(s) demanded

·         The time required for the shipment of the item to the destination

The company reserves the right for not processing any order and the decision will be final and cannot be challenged.


For the customer’s convenience, three widely used currencies are being offered on the website that is US Dollar, Euro and British Pound. But the customers can even pay in their local currencies if they wish to, they’ll be charged according to their rate of currencies. Company also reserves the right to change the price at any time.

Taxes and import Duties:

The prices are excluding any custom duty or taxes as they will be charged as per the customer's country's policy.

Link to Other Websites:

You may get linked or access to other websites through our website but we are not responsible for their content.


Writings made to us in the form of comments, reviews, ratings and suggestions will become the company's property and as such will have no one's claim on it. We have the full discretion to use it the way we like without any  being liable to pay or inform or to respond the visitor or customer.

·         By sending us the content; you are agreeing that:

·         You are at least of 13 or above

·         The post is your production and you are its owner

·         The content provided is free of any violation of our terms and conditions and does not in any way offends any person or entity.

·         The content offered is not owned by any 3d party and does not prompts any copyrights issues.    

·         The provider of the content will be responsible for any act taken by the third party in case it turns out to be copyright or trademark protected or for any other reason. 

No Wavier:

On breaching the above conditions, we reserve the right to take any legal action against the offender.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution:

The terms and policies of the company will be according to the UAE law and will be also in accordance to US and UK’s law. Any dispute arising shall be solved with the parties mutual concern.